Oni Seed Co.

Since it’s establishment in 2017, Oni Seed Co has quickly become a grow-household name. Busting into the international cannabis scene with their instant classic Tropicanna Cookies and Papaya hybrid lines; our strains have won a variety of awards for best flower, best concentrate, and highest terpene content at prestigious events such as the High Times Cannabis Cup, Chalice Festival, Masters of Rosin among others.

Oni Seed Co. Strain

Hells OG: This combination of the hells og and the sour diesel bx2 male offers a more homogenous population. Consistent OG and Diesel terpene production, unrivaled vigor, and added frost and potency from the Hells OG mother.

Flower time: 63+ days.


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Oni Seed Co.

Oni Seed Co applies the highest level of scrutiny to all of It’s selections. It gives us great pleasure to offer growers our catalog of heirloom and elite varieties as well as a glimpse into the world of cannabis as we see it.

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