Chem T Haze | (Chem D x Tom Hill Haze) x Tropicanna Cookies f1 | 15 Seeds


Chem T Haze consists of TR Seeds (chemdog D x Tom Hill Haze) and Oni Seed Co’s flagship strain, Tropicanna Cookies. The haze mother has a unique terpene profile that is unlike the more traditional haze hybrids. She smells like skunk, funky garlic and rubber rather than sandalwood and incense. The Tropicanna Cookies brings the unmistakable purple color and cinnamon sugar to the party plus increased hash returns. This strain yields extremely well in general and performs beautifully inside and out. It’s our opinion that the longer flowering plants should be the most sought after however the shorter flowering phenotypes are more compatible with most gardens and shouldn’t  be overlooked either. Overall, this variety delivers extremely potent easy to grow flowers that are resistant to a host of maladies such as mold, mildew and pests. Her clones always root 1st and her vigor is unmatched. In our opinion she’s a perfect blend of old and new school.

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